Not a weekend goes by without an “Owambe” (a big party) going down in any part of Lagos and all the fashionistas are always ready to slay. From the makeup to clothes, shoes then over accessories, trust our Nigerian ladies, especially those in Lagos, are ever ready to put on display, the latest fashion style in town even more in this era of innovative designs. But you know the attire of any owambe is incomplete without the Gele [pronouced: Ge-le] showdown, don’t you agree?

Rethink Lagos
Beautiful lady on Gele headgear courtesy Pinterest

The Gele which is a part of the traditional attire for women in Nigeria, originally from the Yoruba part of the country, but now very much present in all parts of Nigeria, is usually the benchmark for a fancy or ostentatious look. What we like to call the “ghen-ghen” look. The Gele to a woman’s traditional outfit in Nigeria can be likened to what a hat is to an English lady. Been in existence for years, the Gele trend has not be forsaken by the evolution process which has taken it from just a regular dressing to a status symbol of elegance.

When beautiful ladies arrive at an event, they are greatly admired but you won’t believe the effort it took them to afford such great look particularly the Gele. It takes skill to tie the Gele and not many are gifted in this area. And before you ask, sure, people often pay to learn this skill.

Gele tying process courtesy CNN.com

For ladies who can’t tie their Gele on their own or who have no one in their immediate environment that would help them tie it on the day of the event, they could contract the expertise of the professionals to get the task done, even some days to the event, thereby ticking it off as one task less that needs to be done. That’s to show how important this piece of attire is.

But then how convenient is it to wear on the day of the occasion? There is every possibility that it may not be as perfect when you wear it as against when it is tied directly on your head for the occasion because it may begin to come undone in some parts. Wouldn’t that affect the plan to slay all the way?

Gele tied in preparation for the event. Courtesy, hbrenes

Well, some smart minds taught about this problem and figured out a solution – AUTO GELE. Just as caps are sewn for men, this Auto Gele for women is a super awesome ready-to-wear headgear to any event. Coming in different color shades and designs, these Auto Geles are sure to catapult your look to a higher level without any stress.

However, a quick question that comes to mind: Would this new style of Auto Gele affect the whole Aso-Ebi trend? Would it affect how Aso-Ebi materials are now sold? It shouldn’t be a problem at all because the Gele comes in different colors that would most likely match with any kind of material.

Different colors of Auto Geles ready to be worn. Courtesy, African Trendy Attire

No doubt, the arrival of Auto Gele is a game changer in the fashion industry but it is to the benefit of all especially the majority who wrestle to tie their Gele by their self. With the Auto Gele, you just have to put it on and fasten it at the back. It is that simple.

So ladies, getting all dressed up and achieving that classy look just got easier and for the Owambe lovers, a new era has been birthed into history.

FEATURED IMAGE: Aaron International

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