Known as a coastal city, one beautiful fact about Lagos is that a vast portion of the state is occupied by water, especially the Victoria Island area and environs which is greatly surrounded by water from all fronts – the sea and a lagoon. The Atlantic Ocean says hello to us in the South, the Lagos Lagoon to the West, the Five Cowrie Creek to the North and on the East, we have the swamps. Beautifully developed by the government, this waters now affords Lagosians one of nature’s finest scenery – THE BEACH.

If there is one aspect Lagos State prides herself in as an important site for tourism, it is the beaches in her possession. These places are constantly visited and enjoyed by peoples from different parts of the world. The likes of Elegushi Royal Beach, Atican Beach Resort, Tarkwa Bay Beach, Eleko Beach etc., have treated people to amazing spectacular views and fun activities. Greatly enjoyed by Lagos residents and other visitors, these beaches are guaranteed cool places for relaxation and fun.

Tarkwa Bay Beach, Lagos courtesy Jumia Travels

If you are a lover of outdoor activities like us, then you most definitely have to include the beach as one of your regular get-away hideouts from the stress of the world. Especially in the cool of the evening when the waters are calm, you get to relax and just chill on the crisp white sands of the beach as you hear yourself think. The beach, particularly when not crowded, is a great place to enjoy one of nature’s beauties and bask in the simplicity of life.

Lagos Beaches
Chilling at the beach

On super fun days shared with friends and family, the beach provides a nice spot for you to actually connect with others without the distractions of cell phones except to take pictures. The beaches in Lagos are so beautiful and well-maintained so much so that the organization of these places keeps people coming back. With activities such as horseback riding, beach ball, etc., there is more than enough activities to keep you and your loved one in the fun mood for hours unending.

Talking about pictures, one of the finest background for selfies, pictures, portraits and all is the beach. It gives a sense of exquisiteness and splendor to the pictures and brings out the entire beauty of those in the picture. Talk about photoshoots…. Wow! The simplicity of the beach tends to enhance the uniqueness and exclusivity of people but most importantly, it creates or sets the tone for the purpose of the picture.

Lagos Beaches
Family picture at Bar Beach, Lagos courtesy

To avoid the crowds and sometimes rowdiness on the beach, you could choose to enjoy your special treat at a private beach where you see only a few people. You can read a book while lying on the sand under the covers of an umbrella if the sun is too hot. You can comfortably watch movies on your laptop while lying on a low back beach chair with a footrest or high back beach chairs. You can enjoy fun activities such as sailing, fishing, canoeing, surfing, and boating. Such beaches in Lagos with the promise of such convenience include Halemson Beach, Whispering Palms etc.

Lagos Beach
Halemson Beach, Lagos courtesy,

You can also treat yourself and family to fun games on the beach such as building sandman, water relay race, beach musical blankets etc. These games provide fun and exercise for both children and adults. If you are a lover of arts or even a collector of nature’s artifacts, the beach is a great place to collect seashells of different sizes and varying colors.

Moving on to romance, the beach can be counted among one of the best locations that speak the language of love ever so clearly. Even when words fail the lovebirds, the romantic atmosphere of the beach, especially at night, sends the vibes of love coursing down the veins of the lovers. With couples playing what we call “Indian Love” where they run up and down in giggles, the beach has also shown to be a great spot for marriage proposals. Just get on that one knee and let the beach create the ambiance that would speak your heart to your beloved.

Lagos Beach
Romantic moments at the beach

Trust us when we say the Lagos beach experience is guaranteed to be one of your life’s best experiences you won’t forget soon. Want to explore more of what Lagos beaches have to offer? Watch out for the next post and we would take that journey together but for now, we would so love to know about your beach experience and how fun was it for you? Oya…..Let’s gist in the comment section.

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