One of the most beautiful places in Lagos to visit, a place where you can be one with nature is the Lekki Conservation Centre (LCC). This place is not only one of the exquisiteness of Lagos, but due to its richness in high species, it is also considered as one of Africa’s leading and most divergent urban nature park.

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Lekki Conservation Center courtesy, Jumia Travel

Wanting a place that serves as a biodiversity conservation and environmental education center, which also has scenic, natural, scientific and recreational values, this 78 hectare or 190 acres natural Resource Conservation, was established and is situated near Okun Ibeju Village, Eti-Osa Local Government in Lekki. It can be accessed through the Lekki-Epe Expressway.

Amidst other notable sites of special interest and exceptional relevance by the government of Lagos state, this jewel of Nigeria’s ecotourism and widely renowned representation of nature is listed among the sites for the sustainment, preservation, and revamping of historical properties and cultural heritage in Lagos managed by the Nigerian conservation center.

Rethink Lagos
Some inhabitants of LCC courtesy, Aggital

This amazing place has loads of wetlands set aside for the wildlife and a similar feel to a typical savannah and swamp habitats. Filled with plenty of animal species, most of which are endangered, you would get to see Maxwell’s duikers, bushbucks, monitor lizards, some really cute monkeys, snakes, birds, crocodiles and lots more which are housed in this zone.

Rethink Lagos
Beautiful animal species courtesy, Naij.com

One of the scenic attractions of this place is the 401-meter canopy walkway it has and is regarded to be the longest canopy walkway in Africa. This canopy walkway is a suspended swinging bridge through the patchwork of vegetation types as found in the LCC Park. A fun fact about this place is that the canopy walk makes you feel closer to nature and relax. This place is amazingly awesome especially when you visit in the mornings because it gives you a powerful feeling of nature.

Canopy Walkway courtesy, Pulse.ng

Having six towers connecting the entry and exit portals, this walkway treats visitors to amazing unique experience to not only explore the park but also get a bird’s eye view of the different habitat types and the unique wildlife habited there.

So what wonderful entertainment can one get in this conservation center? Here are a few things to look forward to:

  1. Bird Hide
  2. Swamp Look-out Station
  3. 96-seater Gazebos
  4. 6 and 8-seater family Huts
  5. Rotunda
  6. Koi & Tilapia ponds
  7. Barbecue Joints
  8. Serene and secure environment
  9. Jungle gym facilities (Monkey bars, Zip lines etc.)
  10. Beach Volleyball
  11. Spectator’s pavilion
  12. Tree House
  13. Nature station
  14. Floor Games (Ludo, Chess, Street Tennis etc.)
  15. Family park

Featured Image: Courtesy, NAiDRENALIN

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