Lagos is often known to be a Mega City of hustle and bustle but amidst the tight work schedule of residents, people still find time to relax and have fun. After all, life is not all about suits, ties, briefcases, business calls and the likes, we can also do shorts, floral shirts, and tops, sneakers, swimsuits etc. Taking time to just chill is not only soothing but is also rejuvenating and refreshing. It subtly stirs the pool of ideas and creativity in individuals which gives them the fresh and much-needed perception for their businesses and jobs. One of such places to have amazing fun and chill time is the beach and sequel to our last post, here are some wonderful outdoor activities one can try at Lagos beaches.

  • Surfing: Though not a common sport in Nigeria, this fun activity is gaining popularity among the beaches of Lagos particularly Tarkwa Bay Beach. Recently, the local residents of Tarkwa Bay met with some foreign traveling surfers to have a feel of the good waves with the Tarkwa surfers and this experience gave them a new gratitude and perception of Lagos. Hopefully soon, this fun outdoor activity would bring the spotlight to Nigeria in the surfing world.
A Tarkwa Local showing off surfboard courtesy,
  • Watersports activities: Lagos beaches are an absolute fun filled with different thrilling and adventurous activities that leave you yearning for more. But beyond the Beach there are amazing activites on the water too, among these are Jet Skis, Wave boat, Pontoon boat, Pedal boats etc. All these and more can be found at the Lekki Leisure Lake.
Jet-Ski at Lekki Leisure Lake courtesy,
  • Horseback riding: Almost every Lagos beach offers this. Horseback riding is so much fun especially for those already used to it. Just as seen in the movies, Lagos beaches give you an opportunity to be up close and personal with a horse and enjoy a bonding time with this amazing and friendly animal. Have a feel of this amazing experience at Atican Beach, Elegushi Beach etc.
Horseback Riding on Lekki Beach courtesy,
  • Enjoy a Picnic: If you love food and fun, then the beach is a great place to merge both and have yourself a great time with friends and family. You can bring your own food (if the beach rules permit it) or you can purchase yummy items right there on the beach – grilled fish, drinks, chicken and beef suya, etc. These meals are prepared by experts in the field and you are guaranteed to have a “yummylicious” time stuffing your stomach with them. Atican Beach, Elegushi Beach, Eleko Beach and many more will give you an absolute treat.
Picnic on the Beach courtesy, Jumia Travel
  • Night Out: This is an absolute favorite especially for those staying overnight at a beach resort. With this experience, you can soak in with nature and forget the troubles of the world even if for a day or even a weekend (for those who wish to stretch it a bit). Some amazing beach resorts and La Campagne Beach Resort, Halemson Beach Resort, Whispering Palms Resort.
Evening Chill at Whispering Palms Resort, Badagry courtesy,
  • Indoor and Outdoor Recreational Activities: In amazing beach resorts such as Halemson Beach, here in Lagos, one gets to not only enjoy outdoor activities but also great indoor recreational facilities like golf bunker, tennis court, badminton, chess, ludo, bikes for riding, card games, a basketball court, darts, rope climbing exercises, monopoly, a football field, and even volleyball.
Outdoor sport on Halemson Beach Resort courtesy, My Guide Nigeria
  • Swimming: Good swimmers have a really fun time at the beach so much so that one begins to wonder how much difference it is between getting a swim in the open ocean and in the regular swimming pools. Needless to say, there are security measures put in place to ensure people don’t swim in the dangerous parts.
Swimming at Elegushi Beach courtesy,

Lagos beaches promise amazing pleasure to fun seekers and depending on the kind of thrill you are looking for, these different beaches have different packages to suit your desires. What was the greatest fun activity you had at the beach? Kindly share in the comments…..Let’s keep the gist flowing.




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