Fela – 21 years on

Fela – 21 years on

Twenty-one years ago Nigeria and the Afro population at large lost a great legend in the music industry, whose songs were and are still a social movement!

Let’s see how his songs still play out today.

Traffic or what is locally called “Go Slow” in Lagos has not changed much. Here is Fela’s take on it:

You dey make your business every day
Then your head start to ache
Because car crush dey for your head
Your nose start to run
Because water pour cool for your head
You dey cough cough every time
Because carbu air dey for your throat
You dey shaking shaking like a paper
Because your yansh cold like ice
Go slow catch you

You will have to rethink the traffic situation when in Lagos.

Next …


One popular phrase you can use to get Lagosians excited is, “Èkó ò ní bàjé oooooo!” which loosely translates into “May Lagos not get ruined”. Here is the first verse of Fela’s take on Èkó titled, Fela Kuti – Èkó ILE

Bi mo nba rajo lo London oh

Ma tun pada si Eko ile

Bi mo nba rajo si New York oh

Ma tun pada si Eko ile

Once again, a song with so much social consciousness dedicated to our beloved State.

I will let you play around with Google translate on this one.

For a musical genius as Fela, we could go on and on and on, as his legacy lives on!




When next you are in Lagos and you are an art and music lover, do well to pass by his shrine, The New Afrika Shrine, located at 12A Adeleke St, Allen, Ikeja.

Which are your favorite Fela songs and what do you remember him for?

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