Status Quo - Why "rethink"

Currently, Lagos performs under its potential. Being the most populous city in Nigeria, Lagos could play its leadership role with even greater impact than it does currently. However, we recognise the need of a different approach to how Lagos is viewed by people in Lagos and the entire world. The process of having to reorientate our minds is essential to successfully “rethinking” Lagos. This will ultimately lead us to define and execute the right agenda. Subconsciously this same process, if undertaken rightly, will project not only on the minds of Nigerians, but also Africans at large. 

Our mission

We take bold and visible steps to fulfil our mission of creating a new perception of Lagos. for that, Rethink Lagos operates with a strong portfolio of impactful brands – combined with our unique approach, we challenge the mindset of residents and visitors. This will help businesses and the public body to meet agendas for an improved Lagos that generates more revenue which will translate into value and public welfare.

Power of ideas & vision

Changing peoples mindset about Lagos is more than just an attempt to change opinions. New and better perception of Lagos, will ultimately unlock potentials that currently can’t thrive. Potentials in various areas e.g. peoples live, business and public affairs. New perception is gained by promoting the values and achievements of the city and it’s people. Positive and encouraging promotion of Lagos will trigger and create room for ideas, where there are none currently. With the joint impact of new perception and new ideas on Lagos, a new vision can be realised. This brings to life the Lagos we at Rethink Lagos Ltd. aim and work for, to make Lagos a remarkable metropolis that sets standards beyond the city.

Meet the Team

Executives of Rethink Lagos

Babatunde O.

Founder & Executive Director

Faraz A.

Executive Director

Max. E

Executive Director

Nneka O.

Executive Consultant

Seun S.

Executive Consultant

Babajide M.

Executive Consultant

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