Barely two weeks ago, just as the country was still basking in the victorious win of the Super Eagles against Iceland, the face of doom reared its ugly head over Plateau state where it’s suspected that at least 86 people were killed by herdsmen during the attack on Gashish district of Barkin Ladi Local Government Area of the state. We were only still trying to absorb the shock of this attack and our loss to the Argentines in the world cup, when the cloud of doom visited Lagos yesterday, 28th June, 2018 claiming lives and cars in the inferno that engulfed a fuel tanker on the Otedola bridge axis, in the Ojodu Berger area of the state.

Inferno in Lagos
Inferno in Lagos courtesy, The Guardian Nigeria

Suffice it to say the month of June this year has been a dark and gloomy one for our country. Why so many deaths? Where did we go wrong? How did things take a drastic turn for the worst? And worse still, our government can’t even help us.

First off, how can it be understood or how do we even begin to comprehend the fact that a country lives in fear of its own citizens? Not outsiders or external attacks but attacks from fellow people? About two weeks ago, the praises of ONE NIGERIA was sung under the umbrella of our win against Iceland and days later, the song of unity and praise was swallowed whole as the blood of the innocent flooded our lands. Men, women, children were slaughtered in their numbers because of cattle.

Plateau Killings courtesy Daily Nigerian

The country has been plagued in numerous attacks in various states from suspected herdsmen that one has to wonder, “Is it just in search of greener pastures for their cattle or is there more to it?” When did animals start to have priority over human lives?

The cracks in our country we long neglected have deteriorated into gulfs that are fast swallowing Nigeria as a whole. From every corner, the claws and teeth of corruption have sunk deeply into the flesh of Nigeria that it seems as though we are helpless against it. But NO! We refuse to give in to the fear. We refuse to give into defeat. This is our country. This is our land and we must fight for it.

A New Nigeria courtesy Premium Times Opinion

If it means us starting from scratch, then from scratch we shall begin. We cannot be standing aside and witness the downfall of our nation. We must rise up and cut off all the tentacles of corruption, violence, and vices from the roots. All government agencies should rise up to their pledge to defend our nation and give us the security that is due.

Everyone has a role to play in the restructuring and rebuilding of a new Nigeria. This is our land and what affects one, affects us all. We appeal to the government to keep silent no longer but rise up to their responsibilities and as we appeal to them, let us each contribute our own quota in rebuilding the nation. We can cry and pray as long as much as we want but until we start putting into action the changes we wish to see, Nigeria remains in the same spot.

Our Country, Our Land courtesy, premiumtimesng.com

Nigeria can only be made whole again through a collective effort from EVERYONE. We are the government. We are the society. It is up to us to change the destiny of our nation. It is up to us to rewrite the story of our country. Nigerians are smart, hardworking, creative and enduring individuals and once determined to achieve a goal, we achieve it. Nigerians are not pushovers.


As we pray for eternal rest for the souls of our departed brothers and sisters whom we have lost due to negligence, carelessness, violence, corruption and other vices, let us arise under the umbrella of hope for our nation and resolve to cease the bloodshed on our land. In what ways do you think we can begin to restructure Nigeria?

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