Ikeja Computer Village – What To Look Out For!

Ikeja Computer Village – What To Look Out For!

ageEver wondered if there truly is a tech hub in Lagos?

A tech hub is a community – informal or otherwise – that fosters innovation for technology startup companies. A tech hub can be a specific area like Silicon Valley, part of a city like London’s Silicon Roundabout, or a specific building or set of buildings where small startups can rent space alongside each other to share facilities and ideas. 


Well by the definition do we have a Silicon Valley look-alike in Lagos? I will leave that for you to decide if Ikeja is our own version of a technology community.  But there sure is a village in the Ikeja sub-metro that has made a name for itself within the technology community of Nigeria – Computer Village.


Computer Village is arguably the largest  Information and Communications Technology (ICT) market in Sub-Sahara Africa. It also serves as the ultimate venue to get all your electronics gadgets fixed.

Shops within this axis are primary dealers in ICT accessories, electronics sales and cracked version of popular computer software. Major electronics stores also have outlets at the hub.

The basic structure of the market is that of a perfect market  – therefore no dealer has a price monopoly. Be ready to haggle if you have an idea of the average price for the product or services.

Without a doubt, all your technology challenges could be solved in Computer Village. But be sure to look out for registered shops and dealer. Avoid “tabletop” dealers. At the entrance to the market, you will be approached by a number of errand boys trying to get you into their shops or offer one service or the other unsolicited.

Therefore, visitors should bear in mind that there are two major categories of traders in the market: The registered and unregistered or free traders.

As with every hub, other types of business do spring up around them. There are a number of co-working spaces within the vicinity, in case you are in Lagos and you or your team needs a temporary office.

Finally, Computer Village in its present location will soon be history. As the Lagos State government are far advanced with their plans of moving the market to a new location at Katangowa area of Agbado Oke-Odo Local Council Development Area. At the new location,Ikeja Computer Village stands the chance of being described as a true Tech Hub with  4,000 shops, incubators, accelerators, technology laboratories, exhibition halls, hotel, shopping plaza, industrial park, warehouses, Kee Klamps (small shopping shades), a helipad, malls, banking halls, parking lots, conference centre, food courts, security and power.

Share with us your experience(s) at Computer Village in the comment section below. Are you rethinking tech hubs ?

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